bPlus Large Seat

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Supplied in PB Black Fabric. Other fabrics / colours can be supplied on request, subject to separate quotation.

Gel-TeqG2 is the most exciting new development in seating for many years.

The controlled compression of the gel-like foam ensures your I.T. bones at the base of your pelvis are fully cradled without pressure, and that there is 100% contact with your skin.  This means that there is a constant blood-flow throughout your body where it is in contact with the cushion.

Your spine remains aligned as you sit into the foam, and you are encouraged to maintain correct posture at all times.  The risk of posture-related injury is minimised, comfort is maximised, productivity remains high and quite simply – if you have to sit for extended time periods, you will never do it more healthily and happily than in the new hybrid Gel-Teq™ seat cushion.

Posture Balance bPlus Range now comes with the orbital lumbar adjustment system, providing further back support adjustability.



Back size:  420mm(w) x 520mm(h)

Seat size: 520mm(w) x 480mm(d)

Weight Rating:      160kg (150Kg with seat slider)

10 year warranty


Orbital Lumbar Support Adjustment

Adjustable T-Arms

Seat Slider Adjustment


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Adjustable T Arms, No arms