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Look no further, we have the chair for you!
Designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia, the Flexi has been developed to meet the growing demands of the ‘Agile Working Environment’.
Catered to suit almost all users, the Flexi features a pre-adjusted support system available in Low, High & Extra High back models.
The Flexi can be modified with optional seat sizes to suit the various shapes of each user.

Flexi is a chair which welcomes you.
We have created a passive back-support system that simply moulds itself to the shape of each different operator.
It would be hard to find a more comfortable chair than one which simply wraps itself around the user and creates such a personal contact.
Allied with the moulding is a back support which then dynamically moves with you – wherever you choose to move at the workstation.
That is the essence of ergonomics!
Having a product which 100% adjusts itself to the user in whatever way that person elects to sit, move and then set themselves up in their environment.
A range of back-heights and widths combined with a choice of two functions – Flexi is a 100% Australian designed and developed chair that makes sitting an enjoyable experience.

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