Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad

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Alternate Left Hand or Right Hand of the Keyboard

The Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad Hub product is the latest in our line of ergonomic peripherals that are designed to enhance your productivity and comfort. The Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad Hub allows you to do all your calculations from the keypad; there is no longer the need to tediously use your mouse to select these functions, or worse still, to use your calculator to do your work and then have to re-enter the values manually. Errors are reduced, and efficiency is enhanced.

– USB Connector
– 22 Keys

The keypad has all the functions that will make you work efficiently in Excel spreadsheets by providing easy access to essential keys such as:

– Tab, Escape, Backspace and also other symbols frequently needed

­– Calculator functions such as: MS M+ MC MR will make the use of MS calculator much easier as will the Clear (Esc) CE (Del) Backspace +/- and =

– The inclusion of a 00 will help your efficiency in many applications when working with dollars and cents.